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Retrived broken implant

Implants broken elsewhere retrieved successfully

A 36-year old female came to Balaji Dental & Craniofacial Hospital with a complaint of pain in her lower jaw. She had undergone dental implant treatment and bridge prosthesis in another hospital in Chennai. An X-ray showed the dental implants were broken at the upper tip where the tooth crown is attached. The failed prosthesis was removed. Renowned Facio-maxillary Surgeon and Implantologist Dr. S.M. Balaji skillfully retrieved the broken implants without causing any damage to the surrounding jaw bone. New implants were placed in the same site.
Broken Implants
Broken Implants

Broken Implant retrived
Implants retrieval with no damage to the surrounding bone.
New implants in the same site
New implants placed in the same site