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Facial Paralysis - Reanimation with Temporalis and Fascia Lata   Treacher Collins syndrome/Hemifacial Microsomia/Pierre Robin syndrome
Alveolar distraction for closure of cleft for implant placement, docking with rhBMP-2   Bilateral Hemifacial microsomia/Pierre Robin Syndrome Surgical correction
Correction of Tessier's Cleft 1, 13 with hypertelorism - Surgical correction   Crouzon syndrome correction with Le Fort III midfacial Advancement
Cleft Open Rhinoplasty and Columella lengthening by Abbe Flap   Condylar Fracture Reduction
Treacher Collin Syndrome   Dr. S.M. Balaji's interview with Doordarshan- 2003
Unilateral Cleft Lip Repair - Millard's Rotation & Advancement Method   Dr. Balaji's Interview - Facial Asymmetry
Milestone - Raj Tv(Tamil)   Nalamudan- NDTV HINDU (Tamil)