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Dr SM Balaji


A syndrome is a group of symptoms that occur together and that collectively indicate a disease, disorder or abnormal condition. It is an impairment of health and the collective illnesses cause abnormal functioning. Due to the anomaly, appearance is altered, also affecting the psychology of the person.

Many syndromes are medical mysteries; their cause is still being researched.

There are a large number of syndromes that cause craniofacial disorders & abnormalities of the face and/or head. Abnormal growth patterns can affect the soft tissues or bones or both causing disfigurements and reduced functioning. Management of syndromes is unique and it is imperative to obtain expert care.

Skilled Cranio-Facio-Maxillary Surgeon Dr. S.M. Balaji has successfully treated several persons affected with rare and complex craniofacial syndromes. Our Hopsital is staffed with highly trained and deft personnel who have extensive experience in the care of patient suffering from craniofacial syndromes. The skilled team includes competent assistant doctors, nursing and para-medical staff.

Our Hospital is well equipped with robust surgical & clinical facilities and the most advanced and sophisticated technologies in radiology, diagnostics and disease investigations. Our in-house medical laboratory, Digital radiography, CT and 3D Cone Beam CT scan technologies, prosthesis fabrication lab, Operation theatre and recovery rooms and even pharmacy facilities make it very convenient for the patients to avail disease detection, expert treatment and quality care all under one roof.