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Cosmetic Jaw Surgery


An overgrowth of the upper jaw results in a protruding or excessively long upper jaw (maxilla). In such cases, there is an inability to close the mouth normally. It also leads to a “gummy” smile where too much of the gums is seen while smiling. This can be treated with a cosmetic jaw surgery procedure called Anterior Maxillary Osteotomy. The upper jaw is shortened, reshaped and realigned to be more proportionate.

The shape of the nose is influenced by the shape of the upper jaw. Sometimes, the sharpness of the nose is not obvious because the upper jaw is too big and protruding. Occasionally, correcting the shape, size and position of the upper jaw also results in giving the nose a sharp pristine look. More severe variations in the shape of the nose can be corrected along with jaw correction in the same surgical procedure.

This cosmetic jaw correction surgery greatly improves function and enhances cosmetic appearance of the face. Since this procedure is done completely inside the mouth, there are no scars. Commonly, this is done in conjunction with orthodontic treatment, which straightens the teeth. This results in a facial profile that is pleasing or in fact even more beautiful to look at.